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Of Gods
Yet only
my words
are immortal
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 4
America Today
Brought low by a malignant narcissist.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 3 6
A game of catch -
in a sense -
you threw your heart
at me
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 2
Love in Your Eyes
Searching for freckled irises
 of violet hues
 and vibrant blues,
so stunning in the silences.
I care not for garish plumes,
 just your amber rings,
 such alluring things,
you award me with your blooms.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 12 4
Rose Water
May stripped away bare
the Pale Valley Rose
while whispered Sunlight fell
on a vast painted Ocean.
The Blue Daughter slipped,
and the Tide formed tales
of a Lovely Dancing Shade
on an evening most silent.
She married the Water; 
{Blue Daughter, Blue Wife}
was taken by the deep,
then raised by the Waves
that the Wind should carry
a piece of her far and away. 
Hark! The Sacrificial Song
of their sweet June Gift.  
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 13 15
Girl with a Switchblade Tongue
The pall your name wears weighs down my mind,  
I cannot cry.
Where have you gone;
tangled up in stitches,
propped up with a borrowed spine?
       -  Dragon in a garden,
planting pills, scorching earth,
seeking remedies, seeing red,
eating flowers off the vine.
       -  Medusa in a snake pit,
ripping vipers from your head,
pale strawberries by the handful;
living in fear and deep unrest;
spectating serpent specters
coiled in the corners of your nest.
You replaced your bones with mismatched matchsticks,
and infused your blood with nitroglycerin.
       -  Girl with a flare for making a scene:
lighting candles; {lavender?} loading a gun;
how many times have you fired and won?
Many and never.
Roulette was always your game -
Russian or nothing.
What have you done?
You can’t get past that question,
I can’t get past the answer.
Restless, helpless, I cannot sleep;
what will yo
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 16 18
I’m going to write you a song,
short and bittersweet, I’ll show you how it’s done -
watch them sing it all day long.
We have hardly begun and I have already won.
Now commit this to memory:
you are feeding my fame,
no matter how you sing my name;
I don’t care what you think of me,
[I’m a liar and a con].
You’re right, it’s all wrong,
but when you write me that song
make damn sure it’s fit to choke on
and don’t forget to sing along.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 11 6
    eyes opened:
i am beckoned by a glow,
soft at first, now slowly growing,
illuminating strange new things,
and i wonder where this will take me,
with hot nerves in my belly
and a thrill chilling up my spine.

    "Follow me,
   little moth,
   down this path
   both foreign and familiar.
   I will light your way –
   it is your nature
   to answer when adventure calls."
i am lost in the darkness of denial,
wrapped in the singed wings you gave me.
i wonder desperately why you have gone;
if your beam shone through my skin,
leaving me translucent like an x-ray
till it lit upon a frailty?

    "Follow me,
   little moth,
   down this path
   both foreign and familiar –
   it is your nature
   to fly back to me
   when your mind is a broken compass."
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 6
Helen of Nothing
He was Paris softly stealing in, 
a lovely thief of amorous intention. 
I was Helen, breaking chains, 
shot, and singing new refrains. 
How sweetly he bound me to his hips,
and, ah, our greedy, hungry lips
were laying claim, creating lore,
regardless of the looming war. 
While we were making cosmic waves
Menelaus was plotting graves.
I took one ship to reach Troy's land,
for my sake Greece launched a thousand,
but tragedy had been foretold 
by an apple of discord and gold. 
Menelaus, Menelaus,
I betrayed you, but I miss us.

Widow Maker, Life Destroyer;
my name is War, my beauty Murder. 
All are ruins in red, red sand
for making love to him with bloody hands. 
I was Queen of Sparta, I was Helen of Troy,
damned to endless pain for a fleeting joy.
In the rubble I stand, the smoke smothering,
now I am Helen of Nothing. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 11 13
From Winter
Emerge from icy chrysalis
go forth on gilded wings
we sing your praises
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 14 16
Time's Up (praying mantis)
Stalk, stick, and conquer
choice vessels, yet look closer,
see conquerors.
- - -
Consume, devour,
sex is heavy in the air -
those who use lose heads.​
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 4 2
Moonstruck and Hope-ridden
Those candy cotton curls melt while it rains
as you're standing on the front porch
in your pink Sunday dress 
and your best Mary Janes,
just waiting for a ghost
to kiss off your impeccable makeup stains.
You have a date with Orion
(he promised last night through your window panes)
today at two in the garden.
All of your fantasy, absentee swains
leave you free falling 
without any reigns. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 7 5
A Tryst
See there, a tryst,
now I can list
the many ways 
they bend and twist
the truth to get away,
and steal more time to stay. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 6 0
Alive By Inches
I am alive by inches literally,
And I am calm most curiously,
My bones nearly fused with steel,
Her white knuckles grasped the wheel.
My little dog I safely held
When suddenly my mother yelled.
I whipped my head into the light,
Death filled my vision, what a sight.
A dark hood either black or blue,
And windshield I couldn’t see through,
Screaming toward my window at 85,
Only by inches am I alive. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 8 5
Accidental Buzzard
Former lover, bird of prey,
who circled me when I was weak;
then struck my heart,
but only the part
that used to love you.
Accidental buzzard,
you did not want my carrion,
but I have nothing left for you.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 7 5
Lovely murmuration:
how I am captivated 
for the full duration
       The flock dancing and drifting,
telling story after story,
              s h i f t i n g.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 7 5
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Random Favourites

the writer picks up her pen
Each moment makes and unmakes itself,
this path I follow, the motions I repeat
do not lead to the same place twice
and I feel my heart opening,
There are things I do not tell even you,
my beloved readers.
And, yes, we will answer the same questions over
and over again – we will ask it of ourselves.
The way a woman bites through her own lip with the pain of contractions,
as though acknowledging the fact that she is birthing
the one person who will have the secret to her destruction.
The only man I have ever loved
lives inside the body of a stranger,
still, in a moment's heart-clenched agony
I call his name
and he reaches briefly across the distance,
a phantom palm smoothing the lines from my face.
It is enough that he is still here, and breathing,
in an echo of my daughter, asleep,
and that they both wake every morning to acknowledge the importance
of what the world has asked of me.
:iconsunshinegypsy:sunshinegypsy 9 16
Your empty gaze was the crack in the road,
staring past the pool colored
almost the same shade as last summer's paint job
meant to cover up the scratches
you left on the passenger door
when you were one tequila past sober.
I am a fly trapped in this spiderweb crack
that catches the blue-red urgency of
midnight sirens that you summoned without speaking.
They can't drown out the soundtrack
of our last sixteen seconds,
all caught in my head as if to prove
I don't want it there.
You looked up from letting your fingers linger
on the radio dial when your song came on,
laughing about how it reminded you of cotton candy
and your first boyfriend's cologne,
when your summer eyes caught the headlights,
like stained glass in full sun,
and all you could say was
You always talked about how
if you had three wishes you'd spend one on flying,
but I don't think this is what you meant.
I still have dreams about you telling me
the experience wasn't worth it.
I still reach for telephone to tell you
:iconcallerofcrows:callerofcrows 15 21
Under the Weather
My soul feels waterlogged today,
and my hands aren't strong enough
to wring it out.
I need to walk in the wind
under the noontime warmth,
but it's cold outside
and raining.
I guess today I have to
play the role of the overcast sky
and hang low until graced with the sun.
:iconcallerofcrows:callerofcrows 11 2
Girl as Building
i fell in love with your architecture
the cross beams of your cartilage
how your tendons knotted over nerves
like girders, holding up your arms
and the supple curve of neck
a room unto itself
the doors and windows of you
and each brick a voice
that resonates my mortar
the simple stairs of your legs
leading me skyward
where shoulders meet like corridors
and I find myself
taking up residence.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 334 93
Solemn Beauty by dragon-fly-to-me Solemn Beauty :icondragon-fly-to-me:dragon-fly-to-me 55 71 Somewhere by dragon-fly-to-me Somewhere :icondragon-fly-to-me:dragon-fly-to-me 187 191 Horizon by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0S Horizon :icontravellingthec0sm0s:TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0S 32 4
the surface
Skipping stones is the same as walking on water,
except she wants to sink
a little bit
Skim the seaweed,
she wants to walk both worlds, the pressure
enfolding her head,
her eardrums silenced, no lapping waves or
shrieking birds, she wants to follow the stones,
tumbling into the dark
without coming up
for breath.
:iconsunshinegypsy:sunshinegypsy 10 18
big giraffe 2 by sunshinegypsy big giraffe 2 :iconsunshinegypsy:sunshinegypsy 1 15
The Favorites Project Features #129, #130, #131
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Also, we are still looking for more Appraisers. :)
Feature #129

Avian by :devthe LunaLily: carry starlings in your pockets
                                                                                                                          to feel their little hearts
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 0 2
Artist, Take Up--
Oh beautiful artist, take up your
   Dark materials and sketch
The skies,
         Hold this moment and that
Tight; Caress the grass and the
          Trees with your pencil,
     Let your pen sing love songs to
  The curves of this face,
The soft textures of hair and fur and shirt and skin-
Oh artist, take up
         The lonely calling, yours and
The child who waches in her own world,
That painting that lies on the wall...
        As a lover, woo:
  The world, our playmate and nursemaid,
      Loves to be flattered. She will
  Stand still for you for years and years,
Mountains holdingh patiently for
             Many portraits over millenia,
:iconjuliusscipio:JuliusScipio 22 27
satellite boy
you always told me,
to never be like you.
to not be faithless, blameless,
you told me,
you had a satellite boy,
who guided your way home.
you told me,
he fell from the heavens.
you always told me,
you were just trying to find
someone whose heart wasn't beating,
because that way, they would never
once, you made me promise,
to never swear on my own grave,
for a friend going insane.
:iconjadite:Jadite 10 9

Gifts from my wonderful friends. I could not ask for better.

From Abe :iconskyline-abe: Thank you so much for this. :heart:
Thoughts SailThoughts sail
Down her deep, inky
Strands of silken memories-
The crescent moon of her
Profile illuminates the
Way for her devout
Pilgrims; each a
Weary, way-worn wanderer of
Their own,
Each inspired to tears that
Stream from their blinded eyes,
Each denying themselves
The honour of her worldly beauty,
Captivated instead by her words; her metaphors.
Her soul laid bare.
El AsfurWhat emptiness awaits
The lost, lonely sparrow,
Flittering like the last speck
Of a tungsten bulb?
Half empty bottles of
Vodka litter the caverns of his
Heart, torn journals black with disdain
And unrequited sonnets stock its libraries.
Tempestuous tides terrorise
Wayward emotions,
Tepid prose intoxicating
Every long drawn breath,
Every cold, agonizing rattle...
But note that noble friend
The Wind, how he scolds our poor,
"Chase not the waxing moon forever-more,
For with every dusk comes dawn,
Twilight's sweet grace assures us this
Liberty, there are more than one lights for you"
Dear, little, lonely sparrow...

From Frantz :iconexnihilo-nihil:. A poet, photographer, and my friend.
(english translation below)
Adieu ma soeur - à Shanna.
Une fleur de Lys
Et dans la brise du soir
J'ai vu ton sourire
Naoko, 1127.
Frantz, 2011.

Farewell my sister - To Shanna.
A lily in bloom
And in the evening breeze
I saw your smile
Naoko, 1127
Frantz, 2011
Pluie douce de pétales
Pétales de roses
Et sur ton perron
Perron de lune et de lys
Lys pâle fleur noble
Je suis là ce soir
Ce soir je t'offre un déluge
- Déluge de roses.
I offer you the rain
Rain of soft petals
Petals of roses
And on your perron
Perron of the moon and lily
Lily flower pale and noble
I'm here tonight
Tonight I offer you a deluge
- Deluge of roses.

Frantz,  January, 19,  2011.

From lovely Jessica :icondragon-fly-to-me:. She gave me the perfect gift, a smile. :thumb275558718: Happy BirthdayHer pen, it drips
And then
Pleads words to the
Page.  willing those who read to
Yearn and feel
Brilliant she shines
In a gloomy world
Radiant, kind and good
Today we remember the day of
Her birth
Deliberately, I raise my glass
And toast to all the goodness
You bring to this place called life.

From my kick ass kid sis :iconamarum:
gap yearThe sun bakes the skin mercilessly. It's dawn already, with the coolness of the previous night not gone entirely just yet,  scattered as droplets of dew onto the grass instead. The tent is being illuminated slightly, a lonesome lantern hanging and banging from time to time onto the wooden columns of the frame construction. The wind howls across the valleys and in-between the woods encircling the small glade they found themselves sleeping this morning. The taste of the early hours spent in this country, far from their homes, away from anything they ever knew must be the taste of freedom, it seems.
Freedom tastes then of Will's aftershave, Veronica's muffled in-between his lips giggles and a few stray blades of some dried-up hay they keep on finding and refusing to stop chewing. It's all a great adventure and they hope it ends just a day or so before the end of the world so they could tell it someone and boast about everything they did during the happiest moments of their lives

From my sweet friend David :icondragonschest:


From golden-hearted, silver-tongued Eric :iconwayward-lines:
Ne M'oubliez PasYour heart was touched by Midas
worth its weight in gold
You're truth standing naked
bearing your scars so bold
Your words guide those broken
firm like an emotional crutch
An ability to relate
to crimes of self-hate
with a soft and tender touch
One by one
in the meadows of heaven
he plucks the memories of you
remembering that day
he gave a name
to his dream that came true
Forget me not?
No one can
your flame it burns too hot
little flower
high upon the moon
you deserve your special spot



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May Literature Feature!

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2018, 1:43 PM

Please check out these talented people’s work!

pollenwasp-waisted beauty
pray into my collarbone
let your snake tongue slither
with the syllables.
i wish for soft-chested nights,
and the trickle of champagne down crystal glass.
poppy-lips, lull me to sleep,
nurse my coiling tongue with yours;
tap my scalp like a silent drum,
and wind my hair in between your fingers
like broken guitar strings.
(serenade me with the buzz of pollen in your kiss.)
great white shark.i.
you dream of another springtime
at the bottom of a swimming pool,
watching the sun-ripples dazzle
across your skin. they cast rose
petals into your fishpond, crimson
and sweet. it is not enough. you
thirst for the world, for salt and
deep water off the African cape
and this aquarium cage they've
made for you is far too bright,
too shallow. you suffocate in
slow motion, day by day, and
your heart grows quiet and still.
find the words, say them aloud. 
i am the ocean and i cannot be kept.
tomorrow you will drown. tomorrow
your starved carcass will stink of
chlorine when at last they pull you
from the depths - but don't think of
that now. today, think of the wild
home they stole from you. think of
the stormwinds, the delirious taste
of seal blood, the full moon tide on
the lonely Pacific coast. remember
that once, you were beautiful and
whole and free. remember that you
would rather die than be broken.
say it again,
again -
today the po

The SeamstressSitting at the table with needle and thread, I’m eyeing the pieces of you, cast like discarded clothing, throughout the room. I move from scrap to scrap, gathering muscle, sinew and bone, laying out the pattern of you in my mind.
My tears run freely at the sight of self-destruction, hitching a ride on my seamstress tracks and I bloody my face as I wipe them away, in between the gathering of you into my fold.
Arms fully laden I place you down, sorting the inners and the outers, the soft from the hard. I trace the length of your thigh bone, all crimson and white and notice the fractures branching out like a lightning strike. This is where the truth lies, where you folded beneath the heft of your pain. Such was the burden of your weighted soul that it crushed you from the inside out.
Fingers sticky with your glue I begin to sew you anew but I need to tell you, need to tell you you’re wrong.
Young man, my precious boy, look what you’ve done. Can’t you see that you o
hallowed groundi.
Heaven is not a place for
wanderers, witch-talkers,
women with words
between our teeth--
we purveyors of sinister
magic, we perpetrators
of wicked misdeeds.
we who are muck and mire
and marrow,
stuck hollow to the soil beneath
our feet--
we whose blood bubbles thick,
arcane, and dark.
we with candlewick tongues.
we with cauldron hearts.
ours are the whispers
that seethe in the streets;
ours are the fires
and the sinkings of stones;
ours the desires
that brew and that breed;
ours the rebellions,
ours what we've sown.
ours are the murmurs
that churn in the dark;
ours the disquiet
and ours the alarms;
ours the awakenings
in glyph, lynch-pin,
rabbitfoot, lionheart,
we cultivate harm.
I have become enamoured
with pain.
with sickness and rot.
with the roilings of rage.
with things we can wield.
I have become enchanted
by sorrow.
by illness, unrest.
the things we can conjure.
the things we've worn best.
I am in love
with the magic that nestles
inside of my breast:
infirm an

-she knew he was a grave, but she buried herself in him anyway.   
Where the Jabberwock walks.Where the Jabberwock walks, walk not I,
for he doth walk where four winds sigh.
At the edge of the world, where the drop is nigh.
he waits and watches with all-seeing eye.
His fated alliance to the night,
renders him a threat to light,
Jabberwock, I fear your might,
to loosen sleep swathed blankets tight.
Beware the Jabberwock, my child,
his spirit roams within a wild
chaotic dream – appearing mild,
at first magic! Be not beguiled!
Fire and blood course thro his veins
to take our sorrows, our fears, our pains:
eternal food with wondrous gains
give him strength to light his flames.
He lives by claw, by sharpened teeth,
A conscience does not lay beneath.
Yet time will rob his fire – a thief,
that takes from all – in life and death.
Where the Jabberwock walks, walk not I,
for he doth walk where four winds sigh.
At the edge of the world, where the drop is nigh,
he waits and watches with all-seeing eye.

There Are Too Many Memes2016, it’s not funny anymore.
 Donald J. Trump, president elect:                                         I reject.
                                                                                          I reject.
  school's outShouldering adversity
through a dense social highway
hoping for another day
where guns lay silent

IV. You wanna know what Mona Lisa's smiling about?Mona’s sitting there on the bus, right
       + it’s like
what are you smiling at,
like, why’s your Monday morning lookin so much better than mine, girl?
    + she’s all like:
I’ve been walking through this river for a month
and all I can see is the milky way
above me, through the trees’
leaves and their trunks, even
the river has slow warm
galaxies and black
holes and pulsars swirling
around my calves like
I’m here.

When I dip my fingers in
I get dawn all over them
like the light already spidering
my ankles
and my calves are glowing,
and my femurs
have started now too.
I can feel it
in my carpals,

My body’s not the point
or the sun
or anything like that.
But isn’t it prett
  Please, forgive me.Like lies, you said
I make breathing the cosmos
through rose colored lungs
look easy- vertebrae stretched
toward the moon.
& I'm hanging my bones
out to dry, carving Saturn's
rings into my wrists- my
star burst ankles.
I swore then I'd keep my
black tongued poetry
& uprooted limbs far,
far away from you.
But, like lies, galaxies,
& night fevers, you
are the destination
on my star map skin.

  • Listening to: Thunder
  • Reading: The words I’m typing
  • Watching: My language
  • Playing: With Fate
  • Eating: Nothing right now
  • Drinking: A piña colada in my mind


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Starving Artist.
(Cliché, Cliché)
A Sphinx full of riddles
without any answers.
A Paradox and a Puzzle,
I vex myself daily.
I am Unique in every way.

Current Residence: United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: I'm a song bird, baby. I like to sing along with the music.
Favourite style of art: Pre-Raphaelite and Romanticism
Personal Quote: ”While I breathe I hope."


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