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You used to hate being lonely,
or maybe it was being lovely,
it's been so long I don't remember,
all I'm sure is that you've changed.
You've changed from salt and into stone,
have changed from earth and into flame
to become something you cannot tame,
for you are both oil and water.
I'm free but somehow, partly caught
by a gaze so dearly sought,
your eyes are wild prisms
both dark and yet so bright.
Still, your gray matter
has always been  
inside a prison,
unless you've broken free.
Your floodlight eyes
have guided me through many nights,
but didn't they used to be gray?
Weren't they?
I dream that they
were soft and solemn, slightly
overcast, exactly how
the blue skies are now.
Or is it only in my memory,
inaccurate and changeable as you?
Maybe I never knew you.
Could it be true?
Yet these gray skies,
like your gray eyes,
and my gray matter
whisper your name.
Oh, my old flame,
how you and I
have changed
and stayed the same.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 6 0
It began the way it ends and ends as it began,
the wild kingdom has nothing on the savage world of men.
There's no science to the violence,
no cause for cataclysmic silence,
spilling blood not to survive but because they are alive;
when glut with gory glory they grow and thrive.
What ungodly havoc they do wreak
preying on the sick and weak, 
and ever has it been
in the savage world of men. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 12 6
Robb Stark by TheLunaLily Robb Stark :iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 13 10
Arms Length
I measure trust by the length of my arm,
Thrust out from danger, safe-guarding from harm
The negative space where love might exist
Twixt palms and breast if I didn’t resist.
I measure love by the empty spaces,
By words I don’t read in hearts and faces;
In the silent distances I can run,
And the things that my gentle heart has done.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 99 32
The rice was louder than the bells:
how they fell
from moderate heights
to unswept,
well-trodden ground;
time capsules wrapped in white,
covered with dirt --
soon to be
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 8 4
Twenty Sixteen
Loki is a baleful libertine,
so slip into something easy to clean.
The supernova's dark detritus
rains animus and ashes upon us.
The mad, mendacious exordium
sees a demagogue at a podium.
How many woeful ends will begin
as our poor nation sheds its war-torn skin?
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 8 3
The Death of Heathcliff
I am the moors, your untamed bride,
I have conquered many a savage pride.
I am the dawn and the gloaming
and I hear you roaming,
searching hopelessly, madly,
in the blooming heather sea.
We will wed in the storm's eye
when you have set the dead by,
for I am the moors, not a shade,
heart like a spiral, a kiss like a blade.
With wild passion and a calming lie
I will match you sigh for sigh. 
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 13 11
Red Leaves
Like the calendar page
I fall
In Autumn
When the leaves turn red
And die
The way they do
In Winter.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 11 17
Cassandra in Stitches
Cassandra is raving again,
Daydreaming nightmares,
She will not take her medicine.
She's back in black
With a razorblade
Shredding the zodiac.
They shake their heads and say,
"Poor girl has not been the same
Since the day her Sun stormed away."
With frustrated hopes to stop her weeping
They fill her up with poppies
That make her madness ripe for reaping.
She tells them they are tempting Fate,
"This is how it always ends."
They did not truly listen, now it is too late.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 4
She is Judas
in a painted on,
playing Delilah
for your deepest secrets.
She sold her soul
long ago
to the highest bidder;
for, she has expensive taste
and you taste silver-sweet to her.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 9
Past the Break (of Dawn)
Till the pain of loneliness is gone 
Lie with me, say that it's not wrong.
You fever for more than my skin alone,
So I'll sing you one of my nonsense songs.
Gently I sweep your hair from your eyes;
It falls like dark waves and shadows your brow.
For you I'd be strong, but tonight we've shed lies,
Shed pretensions, dropped our masks after our bow.
I swear by this moment to keep my arms 'round you tight,
If you swear by something sacred to do the same.
You don't have to fear, I won't leave you in the night. 
(I wonder, when you're old, will you remember my name?)
No one really hears my aching soul the way you do.
Why must the dawn break and the night have to fall?
There are no words as to why it breaks my heart in two;
With my empathetic lenses, keen and dark, so does it all.
If you will only say to me, with all honesty, "Please stay,"
We'll see hope need not shatter with the morning sun.
Help me take this life day by day --
For lives nearly gone need something d
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 7 4
Lady Day by TheLunaLily Lady Day :iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 7 13 Billie Holliday by TheLunaLily Billie Holliday :iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 6 2
No ears to hear
Nor eyes to see,
No more fear
Or empathy. 
The world's gone quiet,
Blissful, dark and still;
Bones to ash, this is it:
Forget me like a moment's thrill.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 7
Found and Lost
You danced naked in the dark to Mystery
And found Jesus hitching on the highway.
You found another self across the Wild Sea,
(Nearly Discipline, if not for your attention span)
And Peace from Eastern Philosophy.
From a looking glass you were Born Again;
And found Fortune in the bottom of a cup of tea.
You wore Religion like Fashion when it was the trend,
Collecting Faith, never Wisdom, you see?
You bet your Future on a game of cards,
Threw it all away when it got too hard,
And where I won, you lost when you left me.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 5 4
Botulism Betty 
Kissed collagen, baby;
She's silicone and silly putty.
Betty's pulled so tightly
There's no space for dignity,
They removed it surgically;
Now there's nothing left of her to see.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 5 8

Random Favourites

City Hall Hamburg by Armandacyd City Hall Hamburg :iconarmandacyd:Armandacyd 15 2 Church of the Savior on Blood by Armandacyd Church of the Savior on Blood :iconarmandacyd:Armandacyd 70 14 Great Lavra Belltower by Armandacyd Great Lavra Belltower :iconarmandacyd:Armandacyd 6 2 Summer magic by Lillucyka Summer magic :iconlillucyka:Lillucyka 1,172 304
This gorgeous glut of bounty
buried beneath heaven's gate
in golden goblets
and globes
of summer fruit -
honey clings in wisps
and ripe figs
bend the boughs of trees
where you shelter from the crowd
turned out to feast
upon the landscape.
And I shall bring you bread and wine,
the warm day's haze of flesh
swelling your belly
under my fingers
like the galleons
left guarding the late summer wheat
in the harbor.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 245 61
viva la gloria
we're going to rule the world
in all of its graffiti-stained
pop-art, gun-filled
guitar-smashing, saintly
cancer-inducing glory
because the city lights,
they're all the same in
we pledge our names with
one night stands,
broken glass
and slashed tires-
new york
dolce, bella morte! we're all the same
luscious, as we fight our battles like any,
any true armani-hot-topic soldier
all the scars and ammunition,
smudged make-up and strappy shoes
our brief lives under that spotlight
we'll go out with a bang, an explosion
because we're the young and fabulous-
and chipped nailpolish has
never looked so gorgeous, before!
:iconpuppetspoisonink:PuppetsPoisonInk 16 16
sleeping coals.
I assembled them, arranged them in our stone ring
before the sun was off work, before he was fading
donning his pajamas
while he was still up watching the 6o'clock news, I was
making charcoal patterns, flowers, squares,
stars and hearts, preparing for the sun to yawn
nod off and leave us to our living
My hands, powdered and gloved in coaldust,
are a testament to the way I want to
invigorate you with my drowsy dollface
and the midnight fire reflecting from my eyes.
You're the type of person I dream about in history class,
when everything seems laid out like a doctor's diagnosis: you're picturesque
despite your halfjoking hopelessly sucked-under pickup lines:
'let's count shoulders.'
and who knows what my crushsymptoms
really mean. You float in my head, surreal.
What proof that you ever existed
what evidence to make us solid, would
outline itself on this paper? I can't
show you the animal kingdom, the wolves,
butterflies, and ants that pester me when
she mentions your name.
I am the one
:iconinkatmidnight:InkatMidnight 7 7
I'm estranged from the core,
A wildly delicate distillation –
I try to relieve the pressure
With miniature prayer books,
Yesterday I even bought a Madonna and bambino
To share my grief –
My haughtiness snuffed
From me.
The fireworks are fading in my memory,
Seasickness overwhelms,
As if drunk on stellate angels
Or beautiful men that resemble them
After wine on wine,
And always
With those plastic bones
That melt,
If I could pulverise your dreams
And add them to my moisturiser creams,
Pour them into precious gallipots,
As if a crypt for your ashes
And never ever
Touch them,
And never ever
Except for holy conversations
Until I die,
Until I'm dead.
:iconpiscesandthediamonds:Piscesandthediamonds 17 25
Symmetry  II by Betuwefotograaf Symmetry II :iconbetuwefotograaf:Betuwefotograaf 103 8
July was a month of a capella nights,
Red heliotrope scores and blanched
Methadone eyes.
A singing of nerves hewn to a cry:
Fine-tuned and skinned
To carpal ascension,
The quivers of a quaver
Due to crescendo.
I hovered, wing-like, on the husk
Of schizocarp dreams,
But sprang forth undone
By chorus and synchrony.
:iconlunulae:Lunulae 23 28
No Oaks Stand
Old brick-and-iron brewery, borders invaded
by brushes of fennel, by wildgrass
home to shipping containers,
to refrigerated units, fans spinning
only when the southerlies blow
the wildgrass doesn't mind
my father worked here
my father died here
and the grasses grow on, grow tall
as the brewery sinks, and the wind whistles
I pray for strong roots and liquid head,
I pray to become the grass
:iconpseudometry:pseudometry 23 18
He comes and visits
every single week
he's a good boy
even when he's bad
he chats up the nurses
and knows all their names
and gives them a wink
to brighten their day
to acknowledge their importance
and remind them of their value
I appreciate that
and so do they
he's in college now
more studious than he used to be
he's studying mechanical engineering
and recreational therapy
I told him he needed a girlfriend
(he has three)
One comes with him now
to visit me
She smiled when she saw the light in my eyes
and kissed me on the cheek
I asked her to wear a tube-top next time
she laughed and asked, 'what color?'
he says I'll walk again
one day soon
which I believe
with all my heart
for he's my grandson
and what he dreams
he achieves
"Walking is fine," I said,
"But how fast will I be able to dance?"
:iconard0r0us:Ard0R0us 2 9
Pleased to Meet You
grinning joyous tears
her formal introduction
eyes just like her mom's
:iconard0r0us:Ard0R0us 4 5
Obscured words gallantly tottered, so idly
From his evanescent breath.
And she, fraught with indecisive weapons
Vehemently sneers at
His devious fabrications besmirching the air
A seductive prevaricator.
She deftly repels his shrouded poison words
With obstinate glances
Her sorrows hanging tentatively in the air between them,
They harden her dithering weapons,
No utterance can save him now,
She's disappearing, wanderlust consumes her,
Trepidation can't reclaim her now.
:iconavie-blake:avie-blake 4 2
Memories by Mish-A-Man Memories :iconmish-a-man:Mish-A-Man 9 4


TheLunaLily's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Brooding Poet,
Starving Artist.
(Cliché, Cliché)
A Sphinx full of riddles
without any answers.
A Paradox and a Puzzle,
I vex myself daily.
I am Unique in every way.

Current Residence: United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything. I'm a song bird, baby.
Favourite photographer: my dad. He took beautiful pictures. <3
Favourite style of art: Pre-Raphaelite and Romanticism
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: "Know thyself."
"Loving in hindsight is loving too late."
"While I breathe I hope."



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